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February 2021: From Diffidence to Empowerment  -  The story of Julie and the ASTIG Project of PSPA

 January 2021: Val Gando tells about his working experiences with Communication leaders and how they were transformed as he was transformed in the process. Community leaders Jean and Jenny inspired him to write the song "Go and Lead".

November 2020: Michelle Jean Batinga tells to Alvin Jacob the story of BUKLOD's MPL project and how it made their days during the pandemic.

March 2020: Rhed Gonzales tells about the successful Micro-Loan Project of Lawag Ti Caridad Norte, the project that solved the insufficiency of capital for small livelihood projects and the high cost of loan interest.

April 2018: Michelle Jean Batinga, Local leader tells about the story of the Buklod Association in San Vicente and their pioneering actions of helping the nearby community of Siclong get organized and solve their community issues too by sharing their experiences in community communication leadership.

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