Cassava Chips Provide Livelihood Reboot for Caridad Norte Mom

by: Ami Dasig Salazar - RADU

August 2022


Raquel used to substitute for her mom when Lawag Ti Caridad Norte Association (LCNA) was just starting five years ago. LCNA is the community-based organization in Brgy. Caridad Norte, Llanera, Nueva Ecija, that OPI facilitated and continues to assist since 2017. Raquel attended meetings or any activity when her mother can't. When she was still single, her source of income when was cooking and selling cassava chips and selling other beauty products and clothing. 

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by Project Development and Management Unit

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Cordon's Garden of Stories

by: Ami Dasig Salazar - RADU

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One year after the height of COVID 19 pandemic, the residents of Sitio Bimmangon prepared to rise up from the setbacks they have endured during the lockdown. One of their plans was to implement a backyard vegetable garden project. But it was not your ordinary vegetable planting concept. They held several contests to encourage more participants in a competitive but fun way. When the alert level was lowered which allowed inter-regional travels, staff from Outreach Philippines Inc. (OPI) were able to interview the winners of these contests. We now invite you to come and visit the Garden of Stories in Cordon, Isabela. Read more

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